Leica field training for press and dealers

Tweed Media recently organised for 20 optics dealers and sporting journalists from around the country to try out Leica’s latest sport optics on the ranges at WMS Firearms Training in Wales. The trip presented an invaluable opportunity to showcase what the German brand’s products were really capable of, with shooting at distances stretching from 70 to 1,000 yards and with rifles starting at .22LR going up to a mighty .50 BMG.

The main focus of the day were the Geovid HD-B and HD-R rangefinding binoculars and Leica’s new ER 6.5-12×56 LRS riflescope. A number of other optics got a good look-in too, including Rangemaster monocular rangefinders and APO Televid spotting scopes.

Benjamin Walbott, from Leica headquarters in Wetzlar, was on hand to demonstrate the finer points of the rangefinding and ballistics calculation features of the products, along with Leica’s UK sales managers Jon Rigby and Mark Symes, and head of UK marketing and Leica hunting pro Simon K Barr. On the rifle front, WMS owner and director Andrew Venables and Mike Roberts, captain of the UK .50 cal target rifle team, gave guests the benefit of their expertise.

For information on how Tweed Media can help with your next press trip, email info@tweed-media.com.

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