Press Events

Getting your products into the hands of journalists is invaluable. Doing it face to face at your very own press event will increase awareness of your brand a thousand-fold. Tweed Media’s bespoke events provide clients with a rare opportunity to demonstrate their goods or services in its intended environment to the people that determine the public’s perception. We can oversee the whole process, from concept to delivery, leaving you to enjoy mingling with key influencers and decision makers.

So what can you expect from a Tweed Media press day?

In 2013, Tweed Media hosted a press day for their client Edgar Brothers to showcase products at a Really Wild Clay Day. The event also provided the Royal Berkshire Shooting School with an opportunity to launch their innovative new competition – The Stratstone Super Seven Challenge. Read all about it in Gun Trade World, here.

In 2014, Tweed Media hosted a press event for nine international journalists to showcase products from Leica Sport Optics, Sauer and Hornady ammunition while deerstalking in Scotland with West Highland Hunting. Read all about it in Tackle & Guns, here.

In 2015, Tweed Media ran two press trips to once again showcase Sauer rifles, Leica optics and Hornady ammunition. The first event replicated 2014’s highly successful press trip on Ardnamurchan estate hunting red stags. The second event was a groundbreaking concept which saw journalists marooned on an uninhabited island in the Outer Hebrides. To eat, the team had to use partner products to hunt the herd of deer living on the remote island.

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