Client products showcased in short film

Tweed Media has launched a new short film, entitled ‘Haste ye back,’ (which means ‘come back soon’) which documents the personal investment associated with a Macnab attempt. The thought-provoking film addresses the philosophy around failure by discussing the role luck and nature plays when hunting.

The film was used to showcase products from four clients – Leica Sport Optics, Hornady Ammunition, John Rigby & Co. and West Highland Hunting.

The 12-minute film follows Tweed Media’s directors Simon and Selena Barr in the dramatic Scottish Highlands as they try in earnest to catch a salmon on the fly, shoot a brace of grouse and take a stag on the hill – all between dawn and dusk. When things don’t go to plan, the duo decide to share the other two elements of the Macnab challenge.

Working with Sussex-based production company See That, the film presented the team with numerous challenges. “September was the driest on record for decades, and the fish refused to cooperate,” explained Simon, adding: “The first day of filming was fairly stressful, especially when it became apparent that we were not going to complete the Macnab.” However, script writer Selena and director Sam Widdows found a silver lining. “In actual fact, it provided us with a far more interesting story,” commented Selena. “Plus more people can relate to blanking when they’re hunting. The film provided us with a platform to discuss the emotional roller coaster that is hunting. The highs and the lows.”

Of the three phases, the walked-up grouse shooting proved the least problematic. Using a vintage John Rigby & Co shotgun, Simon was in charge of bagging a brace, and Selena set about picking up with her cocker spaniel. “It was important to us to include the dogs. Although, he could not understand why we kept asking him to retrieve the same bird half a dozen times from various different angles.” Humping all the heavy filming equipment across the heather was no mean feat either. Booms, rails, zooms and cameras all had to be lugged across the moor. “Poor runner Sam Cordell definitely had the raw deal!” The gamekeeper and his English pointer did an expert job at finding us coverys of grouse, and Simon quickly fulfilled the second part of the challenge.

All the sport was organised by Niall Rowantree of West Highland Hunting, who are based on Ardnamurchan but work with estates all over the west coast. We headed to a nearby munro to stalk the red stag. By now it was 2pm so time was of essence. “The last thing you want is to find yourself at the top of a munro in the dark,” said Simon. As well as the See That film crew, we also hired aerial filming expert John Duncan. Based in Edinburgh, John’s state-of-the-art drone captured us climbling the munro and the dramatic landscape of the Highlands. “Aerial filming gives the viewer a real sense of scale and perspective – especially as the drone can fly up to 400ft above the deer and stalkers,” said Selena.

So far, the film has attracted 50,000 views since it was first made live on 16 December. “The feedback has been so positive. We are currently in talks with various different brands that would like to be involved in our next film project. PR is no longer just about generating content in magazines, brands now need to have a permanent online presence as well. Subtle product placement in short films is a great way to get your brand in front of the right people.”

To watch the film, click here.

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